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Cyprus’ beer deliveries down 9.7%

13/09/2019 15:04

Cyprus’ total beer deliveries reduced by 507,890 liters August 2019 compared to August 2018, according to figures released Thursday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.
At the same time, a significant increase of 35% was recorded in the period January - August 2019, compared to the same period last year.
Total beer deliveries from factories amounted to 4,725,425 liters in August compared to 5,233,315 liters in August 2018, down by 9.7% or 507,890 liters.

Deliveries for local consumption fell to 4,610,152 liters compared to 5,060,587 liters last year in August, down by 8.9%.
On the other hand, beer exports dropped to 115,273 liters, compared to 172,728 liters in August 2018, recording a sharp decline of 33.2%.
Compared to the previous month, total beer deliveries fell by 1,195,853 liters or 20.2% in August 2019. Deliveries for local consumption decreased by 1,152,648 liters or 20%. Exports of beer fell by 43,205 liters or 27.3%.

For the period January - August 2019, total beer deliveries decreased by 4.2% to 28,871,371 liters, from 30,136,811 in the corresponding period of 2018. Deliveries for local consumption decreased by 5.3% to 27,701.,512 liters, up from 29,273,114 liters in the eight-month period last year.

 In contrast, exports in the eight months of 2019 increased significantly by 35.4% to 1,169,859 liters, from 863,697 liters in January-August 2018.