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Drop of CPI for January 2002

12/02/2002 10:43
According to the latest data by CYSTAT, the Consumer Price Index for January 2002 decreased by 1,61 units or 1,46% to 108,82 units compared to 110,43 in December 2001. This is mainly due to decreases in the prices of certain clothing, footwear and furnishing items due to sale discounts as well as to a decrease in the price of potatoes. Increases have been recorded in the prices of certain fresh vegetables and water rates.

The evolution of the Index for January 2002 was follows:

Food and non-alcoholic beverages 117.98, alcoholic beverages and tobacco 123.40, clothing and footwear 84.53, housing, water, electricity and gas 111.63, furnishings, household equipment and supplies 98.77, health 117.08, transport 108.13, communication 82.29, recreation and culture 100.21, education 119.11, restaurants and hotels 117.56, miscellaneous goods and services 111.03
The rate of increase of the Index for January 2002 compared to January 2001 was 2,70%.