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Increase in milk prices underway

14/09/2011 15:40
The dairy industries will impose new prices increases on milk from October as a result of the increased prices imposed by the cattle raisers, the Cyprus Consumers Union said.

During a press conference, Chairman of the Union, Loucas Aristodemou presented the prices of basic consumer goods in Germany and Cyprus, stressing that the price of bread and milk is higher in Cyprus than in Germany.

“The bread and milk prices in Germany, a country were the salaries and revenues are much higher than in Cyprus and the quality of life is immeasurably better, are half and even lower than those in Cyprus”, Mr. Aristodemou noted.

Specifically and according to figures, the price of bread (1kg) in Germany stands at €0.79 - €1.45, while in Cyprus at €1.95 - €3.09. As for the price of milk, consumers in Germany buy milk (1 litre) at €0.60 - €1.05 while in Cyprus consumers pay €1.40 - €1.52.

Mr. Aristodemou also said that according to sources, the cattle raisers organization intends to impose new increases of €1.70 - €1.80 per litre on the cow milk from October. “The Cyprus Consumer Union contacted certain dairy industries, which confirmed that they have been notified about the increase as a result of which milk prices will go up by €0.15 - €0.20 per kg.

“In Cyprus, the greed and the price cartels never end”, the Chairman said.

Finally, Mr. Aristodemou said that the Union is determined to urge consumers to boycott milk and dairy products.