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Regulator imposes €2.1-mln fine to cattle producers

20/12/2014 19:10
The Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC) announced on Friday the imposition of a €2.1 million fine to the Pancyprian Organisation of Cattle Farmers (POCF) as it had contravened the legislation for the protection of competition.

In a press release, the CPC said that it decided ex officio to review practices followed in the sale or supply of cow`s milk by the cattle farmers` organisation between January 1, 2009 and May 28, 2012.

The Commission notes that there are production quotas in place for fresh cow`s milk. In order to produce milk individuals or companies will have to be allotted quota production by the competent authorities.

Therefore, the CPC finds that any practices that may be considered as anti-competitive would have a particularly harmful effect on competition and as a consequence affect the chain of production of fresh cow`s milk all the way to reaching the consumer.