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Audit Office launches probe on Cyprus Investment Programme

28/08/2020 17:35

Τhe Cyprus Audit Office on Friday announced that it will launch a probe on Government`s Investment Programme which came under fierce criticism especially following reports by Al Jazeera. The Government described Al Jazeera`s stories as a propaganda to harm Cyprus politically and economically.

Today the Audit Office said that initially the investigation will cover citizenships granted after 21.5.2018 when changes were decided by the Cabinet on the Investment Programme. The Audit Office explains that based on the findings, the investigation might cover other periods as well.

It also points out that efforts will be made for the colcusion of the audit the soonest.

In  a press conference last Wednesday Interior Ministry Nicos Nouris said that the Ministry’s citizenship unit has checked the 117 persons who received the Cypriot citizenship and were published by the network.
He clarified that the said persons at the time of the submission of their applications were compliant with the Cyprus Investment Programme’s criteria and were holders of a clean criminal record from the country of origin or their country of residence, adding that during the examination of their applications no data against them were traced both from the checks of the Cypriot authorities as well as Interpol.