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Cost of constructions drops

21/04/2015 13:37
The cost of constructions recorded a new drop in March, according to Cystat data released today.

The prices of construction material fell by 2.03% in March 2015 compared to the corresponding month of 2014.

According to Cystat, a decline was observed in all materials except wood, insulation, chemical and plastic products.

The price of minerals fell by 3.05% compared to March last year, while those of mineral products dropped by 2.89%.

A decline of 2.80% was registered in mineral prices while the electro-mechanical goods prices fell by 2.14%.

The prices of wood, insulation, chemical and plastic products rose by 0.92% compared to March 2014.

For the period January-March 2015, the index recorded a decrease of 1.53% compared to the same period of 2014.