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NPEs mark increase for second consecutive month

16/08/2022 09:21

Non-performing exposures (NPEs) in the Cypriot banking system amounted to €2.93 billion in April 2022 marking a slight increase for the second consecutive month.

According to the data released by the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC), NPES (including both loans in arrears for over 90 days and restructured loans) amounted to €2,936 million or 11.4% of total loans in the banking system.

The rise is attributed to the increase in both loans in arrears over 90 days and the inflow of new restructured loans which under the EBA directive continue to be classified as non-performing for a one-year cure period.

Net NPLS, loans in arrears excluding restructured facilities in April amounted to €2,117 million in April 2022, compared with €2,109 million in the previous month.

Furthermore, total restructured facilities amounted to €3,323 million in April from €3,314 in the month before, the CBC said.

Accumulated provisions amounted to €1,470 million or 45.4% of total non-performing loans, the CBC added.

According to the CBC, of the total NPEs, 50% or €1,473 million were held by households while corporate NPEs amounted to €1,181 million which represents 40% of total NPEs. Of the total corporate bad loans, €924 million were held by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).