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Christofias backs trade unions

14/11/2012 14:01
The President of the Republic backs the trade unions, SEK General Secretary, Nicos Moiseos stated on Wednesday.

His statements were made after a meeting between leaders of the trade unions in Cyprus and President Christofias, who was handed over a memorandum on the European Day of action and solidarity in Europe.

“The response of the President of the Republic for general matters and the general philosophy that the EU should establish as new policies on employment, growth and social policy is positive”, he said.

According to Mr. Moiseos, Mr. Christofias agrees with the trade union movement, both in Europe and Cyprus.

During the meeting, the trade unionists analyzed their positions and were informed on the talks with troika.

Mr. Moiseos avoided stating what Mr. Christofias said about the progress of the negotiations.