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Cyprus and Spain to cooperate in organ transplantation

01/09/2022 11:17

Cyprus and Spain Ministers of Health Michalis Hadjipantela and Carolina Darias met Wednesday in Nicosia and discussed issues related to a bilateral cooperation in organ transplantation and the set up of a committee to oversee these matters.

The two Ministers also visited Famagusta General Hospital which operates as a Covid reference hospital and exchanged views on how both countries manage the pandemic.

The official visit of Spain’s Minister of Health follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries, in December, 2021.

The Ministers also discussed issues related to cooperation in the field of innovative and expensive medicines with the aim to soon include them in the national health schemes through a joint offer, which will ensure timely access with a reduced financial burden.

Hadjipantela explained in his statements that the purchase process will be done under the umbrella of the European Union. He said that it was agreed to send medical personnel to Spain, for training in the field of transplants and e-health. He added that Spain is a pioneer in the field of transplants.

Speaking through an interpreter, the Spanish Minister said that the two countries will continue their cooperation so as to share knowledge and expertise, with the aim of saving lives.

She said that Spain has a lot of experience in transplants and is a reference country in this field. She added that this model can be made available to Cyprus in order to get assistance with the best possible results.