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Four new deaths due to COVID-19 and 1,752 new cases

02/09/2022 12:38

Cyprus' Health Ministry announced on Friday that four COVID-19 patients died and 1,752 new coronavirus cases were detected between August 26 to September 1. The positivity rate stands at 2.55%.

A total of 68,678 tests were carried out. The total number of confirmed cases is 578,030.

The deceased are a 78 year old man who passed away on August 25, an 82 year old woman who died on August 26, an 87 year old man who also passed away on August 26 and an 83 year old man who died on August 29.

The total number of COVID-19 patients who have died due to the virus is 1,172. Currently 42 COVID-19 patients are being treated in hospitals, 10 of them in a critical condition. Four patients, three of whom are intubated are treated in an Intensive Treatment Unit and 6 in an Acute Care Unit.

Three patients who have ceased to be contagious are treated due to COVID-19 in an Acute Treatment Unit and are intubated.

During the last week 2,464 tests were carried out using the PCR method, out of which 119 were positive. The positivity rate stands at 4.83%.

The total number of rapid tests carried is 66,214, out of which 1,633 were positive. The positivity rate stands at 2.47%.

Four PCR tests were carried out during contact tracing without having any positive results.

Two thousand ninety-four PCR tests were carried out privately out of which 76 positive results were traced (positivity rate 3.63%), while 49,928 rapid tests were also carried out privately out which there were 1,580 positive results (positivity rate 3.16%).

Through the Health Ministry's programme 16,286 rapid tests were carried out and 53 cases were traced.

A total of 9,328 rapid tests were done at the sample collection and 28 cases were traced (positivity rate 0.3%).

At the National Guard 126 rapid tests were carried out and 5 cases were traced (positivity rate 3.97%), at homes for the elderly 4,367 rapid tests were done and 4 cases were diagnosed (positivity rate 0.09%) while at closed structures 2,465 were carried out and 16 new cases were traced (positivity rate 0.65%).