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Value of bounced cheques at €149.728 in January

16/02/2018 13:33

The value of bounced cheques registered in the preliminary list of the Central Bank`s Central Information Registry (CIR)
stood at €149.728 in January 2018. 

In January 2017 the value of bounced cheques was €120.438, while in December 2017 it was €116.701.
According to data by the Central Bank, 37 persons, were listed in January in the Bank`s CIR, which is the highest number since last October.
In addition, in January 2018, the number of bounced cheques in CIR was 101, compared to 72 the previous month and 103 last January.
Meanwhile, in the CIR list, in January 2018, 51 persons were registered, of which 33 natural persons and 18 legal persons.