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StatWatch: One-stop-shop for economic data on Cyprus

14/10/2021 07:49

StockWatch in partnership with the Bank of Cyprus provide a reliable source of information, with the creation of the StatWatch statistical portal (

Twenty years after the launch of the homonymous website, StockWatch Ltd has innovated with the creation of a user-friendly economic data website, a one-stop-shop for important economic data on Cyprus.

The platform was created in 2020 with the aim to provide access to reliable statistical and macroeconomic data and it is established as an important source of data for Cyprus economy, while it continues to be enriched with new indicators.

Watch the video for free, for a full presentation of the platform.

The StatWatch platform is user friendly and is offered free of charge to the general public, businesses, professionals, students and teachers and provides comparative data and interactive tools for the entire spectrum of economic activity in Cyprus.

The data comes from reliable sources, such as Cystat, Eurostat, the Central Bank of Cyprus, JCC, the Land Registry, the Company Registrar, and the University of Cyprus Financial Research Center.

StatWatch offers, readily available, up to date information on key economic indicators, compiled and visualized using intelligent tools. It offers economic data related to the macroeconomic and monetary conditions in Cyprus for the last few years and, in some cases, for the last decades.

Some of the economic indicators presented, are balance of trade and retail trade, bank deposits, loans and NPLs, car registrations, construction and real estate sales data, credit card usage, labour earnings, inflation, public debt, tourism, unemployment.

Visit StatWatch to improve your efficiency and gain insight to support decision making.

Watch the video to see how you can benefit from the use of StatWatch.