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Auditor General submits 2000 report

23/11/2001 09:52
The Auditor General Chrystalla Georgadji yesterday submitted her report for 2000 to President Clerides. Speaking to the press after the meeting, Mrs. Georgadji stated that she noted an overall improvement compared to last year. The report covers three basic areas, correctness of payments and receipts, their legality and financial management.

Observations of the Auditor General do not only include waste of public funds but also dangers to safety of the public or even consumer deception. Instances of problems of planning, co-ordination and delay in projects were also highlighted, which the Auditor General blamed on lack of management systems in the Civil Service. The most cases of fraud were found at local authority municipal and community levels, but following a positive response from their Chairmen, it is expected that matters will improve.

Mrs. Georgadji will this year co-chair the Meeting of the Auditors General of the candidate countries for accession to the EU is organized by the Audit Office of the Republic together with the President of the European Court of Auditors Mr. Jan Karlsson. The Meeting takes place in the framework of the preparation of the candidate countries for accession and will be held in Limassol between 25-27 November.

Participating in the Meeting will be all the Auditors General of the candidate countries with the exception of Turkey which has not responded to the invitation.