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Deposits continue to increase

29/01/2015 20:02
Total deposits in Cyprus increased for the second consecutive month in December 2014, figures released Thursday by the Central Bank of Cyprus showed.

In the last month of the previous year deposits recorded a net increase of €138,1 million. The outstanding amount of deposits reached €46,1 billion in December. However, there was a drop of 4,0% compared to December 2013.

In November deposits saw a net increase of €86,6 million, compared with the previous month, while they were down by 4,4% compared with November 2013.

Residents deposits, according to CB data, rose in December by €107,1 million, reaching €32,3 billion. Deposits of third countries residents also increased by €4,1 million to €11,8 billion.

Deposits of residents of other EU Member States increased by €26,9 million, amounting to €1,95 billion.

Household deposits rose by €329,6 million to €22,3 billion. On the other hand, company deposits fell by €144,8 million to €5,43 billion.

Total loans in December recorded a net increase of €505,3 million. The outstanding amount of loans reached €61,6 billion. On an annual basis loans went down by 1,4%.

Loans rose by €7,7 million in November, but recorded an annual decrease of 2,4% compared with November 2013.

Residents loans grew in December by €766,5 million, totaling €49,6 billion, while loans to residents of EU member states saw a reduction of €390,9 million, falling to €3,1 billion.

Loans to third countries residents increased by €129,7 million, to €8,8 billion.