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Finance Minister-PEO exchange views on tax reforms

22/01/2002 11:48
Speaking during a press conference after a meeting with the trade union PEO, during which tax reforms were discussed, Minister of Finance Takis Klerides stated that views were exchange on the subject and a relevant document submitted by the union. Mr. Klerides stated that he believes that through the government’s proposals, a fairer distribution of income will be achieved as well as higher growth rates for the economy through Cyprus’ accession course.

General Secretary of PEO Pambis Kyritsis stated that the union would like to see tax reforms which will not burden the low and mid-income groups and which will support the working class in general. According to Mr. Kyritsis, alignment with EU directives must be done in such a way as to secure social justice for the lower-income classes together with the necessary support. Discussions on tax reforms in the House between all parties concerned must have a conclusion acceptable to all involved.