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Increased imports-exports up to August 2001

16/01/2002 15:27
The Statistical Service published today the main developments in Cyprus foreign trade during the period January-August 2001 as compared with January-August 2000 were:

Total imports (covering imports for home consumption and imports placed into bonded warehouses) totalled CYP 1.729,9 million as compared with CYP 1.515,2 million in January-August 2000. Total exports reached CYP 430,8 million compared to CYP 406,4 million in January-August 2000. The trade deficit accounted for CYP 1.299,1 million compared to CYP 1.108,8 million.

Imports for home consumption were CYP 1.477,7 million during January-August 2001 and CYP 1.232,2 million in January-August 2000. Intermediate inputs imported for home consumption valued at CYP 480,6 million or 32,5% followed by consumer goods with CYP 411,1 million or 27,8%, fuels and lubricants with CYP 182,5 million or 12,4%, capital goods with CYP 180,1 million or 12,2% and transport equipment with CYP 156,0 million or 10,6%.

Domestic exports including shipstores, valued at CYP 173,9 million as compared with CYP 164,3 million in January-August 2000, whilst re-exports including shipstores, were CYP 256,9 million compared to CYP 242,0 million in January-August 2000. Industrial products of domestic produce exported during January-August 2001 accounted for CYP 125,6 million or 76,4%. Exports of raw agricultural products in January-August 2001 valued at CYP 37,7 million.

During January-August 2001 the EU countries supplied Cyprus with goods valued at CYP 864,8 million or 50,0% and absorbed goods valued at CYP 89,6 million or 54,5% of Cyprus domestic exports.