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Increased use of credit cards by Cypriots in 2001

11/01/2002 10:49
According to the latest data by JCC Payment Systems, there has been an increase in the use of credit cards in Cyprus for 2001 by 23% compared to last year, with transactions totaling CYP 389.2. The average for transactions was calculated as CYP 39.00. Data shows that most transactions were carried out in December of last year with over CYP 50 million being traded.

Credit card transactions by tourists in Cyprus showed an increase of 23%. Transactions by Cypriots abroad however showed a decline over the last four months of the past year, especially after events of the 11 September. Transactions abroad showed an increase of just 1% compared to last year reaching CYP 89.2 million, each transaction averaging CYP 82.00