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Investment funds increase to 273 in March

23/05/2022 12:26

Τhe number of investment funds increased from 257 in December 2021 to 273 in March 2022, according to the Investment Funds statistics for the reference month of March 2022, the Central Bank of Cyprus announced on Monday. At the same time, their total assets decreased by approximately 0.55% to €8,692 million in March 2022, compared with €8,740.4 million in December 2021.

Specifically, in March 2022 the deposits and loans of investment funds amounted to €932.9 million, from €753.6 million in December 2021. Their securities decreased from €893.3 million in December to €664.5 million in March.

Shares and other equity decreased in March to €6,488.7 million, from €6,501.5 million in December, while Non-financial assets (including fixed assets) increased from €341.9 million to €353.8 million.

In terms of the liabilities of the investment funds, loans decreased in March to €637.6 million from €805.9 million. Shares of Investment Funds increased to €7,730.4 million in March from €7,685.7 in December 2021. Finally, other liabilities (including financial derivatives) increased to €324 million, from €248.8 million in December.