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New record in the number of Investment Funds

18/02/2022 16:10

The number of Investment Funds in Cyprus recorded a new high in December 2021, reaching 257, with their total assets reaching €8,740.4 million, achieving a 2.4% increase, in comparison to September 2021, according to data published by Central Bank of Cyprus.

In September 2021 the total number of investment funds in Cyprus was 235 and the total of assets was €8,535.6 million.

Comparing to December 2020, the investment funds increased by 35 and their total assets by €3.17 billion.

Regarding the funds’ type of investment, €3.03 billion were equity securities, €701.6 million in real estate, €1.30 billion in gross securities, €226.3 million in bonds and €3.47 billion in other securities.