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Plans for the purchase of firefighting helicopters

21/01/2002 09:33
Speaking during a tree-planting ceremony yesterday organized by the Forestry Department and the Friends of the Forest Association of Cyprus, Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment Costas Themistocleous stated that a complete firefighting plan has been prepared which is expected to be ready for implementation over the next three years at a total cost of around CYP 2 million. The plan includes infrastructure projects and equipment for firefighting. Already CYP 280.000 was spent in 2001 for the purchase of equipment and infrastructure projects.

Mr. Themistocleous further stated that procedures are underway for the purchase of three helicopters for firefighting purposes and an additional one from Russia which will be used for purposes other than firefighting as well. As the helicopters are not expected to be purchased within 2002, the government will again be leasing helicopters to cover firefighting needs until such time as Cyprus owns its own for the purpose.