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Seminar on Cyprus in London

28/11/2001 11:08
The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KEVE) together with the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Cyprus Trade Centre in London recently organised a seminar entitled “The Cyprus Conference” which took place in London. Addressing the seminar, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Nicos Rolandis highlighted that Cyprus provides a range of professional services, which correspond to international standards and are successfully exported.

The sub sectors with the highest development and the ones to which we assign special importance include those of telecommunications, banking, financial, higher education and consultancy services, medical, paramedical, software and information
technology and market research.

Continuing, Mr. Rolandis also underlined that some of the many factors that have contributed to the establishment of Cyprus as a commercial, financial and services centre in the region are a highly developed socio-economic infrastructure, excellent telecommunications and a sophisticated banking system. Of paramount importance is the well-educated workforce with a high percentage to graduates from European and U.S.A. Universities.

Equally important are the comparatively low costs. Although the quality of services is very much in line with European Standards, the fees are lower, making professional services from Cyprus extremely reliable and affordable.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism implements export promotion programmes through its twelve Trade Centres in carefully targeted markets.

The activities of the Ministry in this respect are multi-purpose and are aimed principally at the promotion and export of the services provided in Cyprus, the identification of specific foreign markets that are suitable for
each sub-sector and the adoption of long and short term promotional activities for their penetration.