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Cyprus Institute drones to strengthen forest fire management

08/08/2022 16:27

The Department of Forests has concluded an agreement with the Cyprus Institute's CARE-C, the regional European Center of Excellence for Climate and Atmosphere Research, to provide services for unmanned aircraft.

A press release by the Department says that the agreement with CARE-C, through the Unmanned Systems Research Laboratory of the Cyprus Institute, covers the period between 2022-2025.

It notes that drones are expected to further strengthen its existing forest fire management system, adding that the use of unmanned aircraft will be based on scheduled and/or emergency flights in all forest areas so that fires or any malicious actions are detected early.

Moreover, the agreement provides for the use of unmanned aircraft during operations both as decision-making tools in case of fire - since they provide the possibility of transmitting images in real time even during the evening hours -  as well as for mapping  burned areas in a short period of time after the fire is extinguished.