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Deflation stable at top levels

16/10/2015 12:36
Cyprus maintained the highest rate of deflation among EU countries in September 2015, according to Eurostat data.

According to the figures, inflation in Cyprus was –1.9% in September 2015 from -1.9% in August 2015 and 0.0% in September 2014.

In Greece, inflation stood at -0.8% from -0.4% in August.

Prices fell in most EU countries while they remained stable in Ireland. The highest rates of deflation were recorded besides Cyprus, in Romania (-1.5%), Spain (-1,1%) and Slovenia (-1,0%).

The highest annual rates of inflation were recorded in Malta (1.6%), Sweden (0.9%), Portugal (0,9%) and Belgium (0.9%).

Euro area annual inflation fell to -0.1% in September 2015 from 0,1% in August and 0,3% in September 2014.

European Union annual inflation fell to -0.1% in September from 0% in August and 0,4% in September of last year.