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All government departments ready for presidential elections

27/01/2023 12:28

Chief Returning Officer for the presidential elections set to take place on February 5, Costas Constantinou, has said that all competent departments and services of the Republic are ready to successfully respond to the mission assigned to them by the state on election day. 

Speaking during a seminar in Nicosia for the training of those who will preside over the polling stations in Nicosia, Constantinou said that he expects from everyone to work meticulously, responsibly and impartially.

"You are called on to strictly follow relevant instructions and regulations, particularly for safeguarding the secrecy of the ballot, to maintain order and normality at your polling station as well as to comply with the health protocol," he added.

Moreover he recalled that apart from civil servants polling stations will also be staffed with unemployed university graduates.

During his speech the Chief Returning Officer elaborated on the health protocol that will be implemented during the elections and that has been issued in cooperation with the Health Ministry, the preparation of the polling stations, the electoral procedure and the sorting and counting of the ballots.

"Once again I ask you to work meticulously and responsibly to honour the trust that the state has shown to each and everyone of you, by choosing you to preside over a polling station. Our primary concern must be to hold the elections in a smooth and excellent way," he stressed.