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Cost of presidential elections budgeted at 7 million euros

02/02/2023 14:18

The cost of the presidential elections in Cyprus set to take place this month is estimated at 7 million euros, based on the expenditures included in the Ministry of Interior's budget for the current year.

The largest cost is for overtime work, election preparation, staffing of polling centers and vote counting during the first round of the elections, for which a cost of 2.3 million euros has been calculated. The cost of the repeat election has been estimated at 1.95 million euros.

The cost for the police and overtime, transportation expenses is 900,000 euros. Rent for venues, materials, and various equipment is estimated at 100,000 euros and expenses of 150,000 euros have been incurred for the Government Printing Office (materials and overtime).

A budget of €500,000 has been allocated for publishing election announcements and advertisements in newspapers. The sum of €280,000 was incurred for the campaign to encourage new voters to register and reduce abstention, while €250,000 has been budgeted for visualization and presentation of results by the Information Services Department.

An additional €50,000 was allocated for expenses from the Public Works Department for various construction projects, €50,000 for expenses from the Electrical Engineering Services Department for various electrical engineering projects, and €100,000 for stationery, paper, and other consumable materials.

Furthermore, €300,000 was earmarked for the cost of the overseas polling stations and €50,000 for unexpected expenses.