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Kasoulides: No change in foreign policy

11/01/2022 13:20

Newly-appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulides, has assured on Tuesday that there will be no change in foreign policy, instead more attention will be given to specific fronts. He was speaking during his swearing-in ceremony at the Presidential Palace, in the presence of President Nicos Anastasides who praised Kasoulides for his experience and for taking targeted decisions at times of crisis, and commended the work of the outgoing Minister Nikos Christodoulides.

Speaking during the ceremony, President Anastasiades said Kasoulides served the post in the past with “absolute success and professionalism, taking well-thought and targeted decisions at times of crisis for Cyprus”, always “bearing in mind the best interests of the country”.

He pointed out Kasoulides’ “great contribution” in Cyprus’ EU accession course, his contribution in creating trilateral agreements, the substantial strengthening of Cyprus’ relations with countries in the region, the Security Council and the wider region, as well as the decision to formulate the first national security strategy.

"It is one of the reasons I want to thank Mr. Kasoulides who despite his decision to abstain from state posts, he has accepted to undertake again the post of Foreign Minister in view of the difficult conditions the country is undergoing”, the President remarked.

The President expressed sadness for losing the services of one of his closest associates, Nikos Christodoulides, and thanked him for the close cooperation over the years as well as his dedication and effectiveness from various posts, director of the President’s diplomatic Bureau, Government Spokesman and most recently Foreign Minister.

The President said he has no doubt that with Kasoulides’ proven experience, broad knowledge of diplomatic processes, realism and sound judgment, he will continue his substantial work at the Ministry.

The new FM thanked the President for “recalling him to active duty from the Reserve”, noting that he understands the great significance of the difficult times in order to continue his contribution. He echoed the President, saying that “foreign policy does not change”, noting that whoever is the FM, the same foreign policy continues because, according to the Constitution, the President takes decisions concerning foreign policy “and we execute them”.

“There will be no change in foreign policy, however on some fronts we might need to pay more significance”, the Minister said.

He explained that more attention will need to be given to diplomats assigned in Cyprus and this will be one of the Ministry’s efforts.

We also need to pay greater attention within the EU for more solidarity for us and we need to offer solidarity to member states because we are not a country that deals only with one issue, Kasoulides said.

He congratulated his predecessor, adding that he will say more during the ceremony where Christodoulides will hand over the Foreign Ministry.