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The latest news from the presidential election campaign trail

16/01/2023 14:11

Presidential hopefuls continued their meetings, visits and interventions on various issues over the weekend.

The Chief Electoral officer announced that the election booklets of new registered voters are ready and will be taken to the community leaders of their districts to be picked up by the new voters or their relatives.

The election booklets will be in the community leaders’ possession until February 2. Those who fail to collect them in time, will still be able to pick them up by the relevant district officers.

Democratic Rally Spokesman Demetris Demetriou in a statement said that DISY is optimistic for Cyprus and it pledges to make Cyprus even better.

He said that with confidence, we declare that we can make Cyprus even better by continuing the stability, development and welfare. This way we can face the challenges and see better days

Georgia Konstantinou-Panayiotou, Spokesperson of the Central Electoral Staff of candidate Averof Neophytou said a healthy economy gives the state the ability to stand by its citizens and resolve every day problems. It also supports the middle class, families and young people.

President of the Democratic Rally and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic Averof Neophytou in a speech, referred to the policies and infrastructure that will allow women to combine family with care.

Speaking at an event of the Women's Organization of the Democratic Rally of Famagusta, he said that for women to be able to have a family, the state must provide guarantees that the infrastructure the state offers will enable women to be both mothers and employees.

He said a cheque that cannot be cashed does not hold any value and that is why any promise from anyone without the guarantee that they can keep the economy strong is empty words.

Neofytou, speaking at the memorial service of Pantelis Katelari, said that it is time to rule with patriotic responsibility. Whatever our differences, he added, it is time to move from words to deeds.

He said our homeland is one and for the entire Cypriot people, the sufferings of the past and the division must not be repeated.

Independent candidate Andreas Mavroyiannis said he has the plan and vision as well as the people to put into practice the people’s expectations.

Speaking at a gathering in Derynia, he said that the forthcoming elections will question one issue, if we want things to change or want to continue on the same path with the same people.

He said for more than five years the Cyprus problem has been at a stalemate with Cyprus’ name shamed by a series of scandals with the current government playing a leading role.

Speaking at the same gathering, AKEL General Secretary Stephanos Stephanou said that the journey that started in June is nearing the end and that Mavroyiannis will be triumphant for Cyprus and its people.

He said it takes someone with specific initiatives to push things towards the solution and that is Andreas Mavroyiannis because he has the vision, will and unique experience, which he has accumulated from the dozens of years he has been working closely with the Cyprus problem and its solution".

Stefanou said that "society wants change. And all of us can be the protagonists of change”.

Mavroyiannis toured the villages in the free areas of Famagusta district that were affected by the floods over the weekend.

During visits at Agia Napa and Protaras, he described the situation tragic.

Mavroyiannis also said it is also an issue that creates indignation among people because it is the result of urban maladministration and poor planning.

Independent candidate Nikos Christodoulides said he is ready to undertake the government’s administration if he is elected and to face the challenges through unity and to form a government of wide social acceptance and a specific programme.

Addressing supporters on Sunday at Agia Fila in Limassol, he said he is not the Messiah and does not hold a magic wand but he is investing on collective effort that can respond effectively.

He called for citizens to vote in the forthcoming elections underlining the significance of elections and the need for a powerful mandate.

Socialist EDEK leader Marinos Sizopolos referred to the unprecedented malicious attack his party is facing for supporting Nikos Christodoulides.

He said Christodoulides’ election will create a positive climate for the European elections and put an end to any disputes and those that underline the party.

He was addressing a gathering of EDEK in Limassol which dealt exclusively on the presidential elections.