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Political party leaders react after election outcome

06/02/2023 09:20

Political party leaders made on Sunday evening statements to the press, following the outcome of the presidential elections, with candidates Nikos Christodoulides and Andreas Mavroyiannis leading the race ahead of the second round of a repeat election scheduled to take place next Sunday.

Stefanos Stefanou, General Secretary of left-wing AKEL party that backs Mavroyiannis' candidacy, said that the election outcome demonstrates that AKEL's choice to support the candidacy of Andreas Mavroyiannis was the right one and added that the prospects for winning the elections on the second Sunday are very good.

"We are satisfied, because our choice to support a man, who puts the interest of our country above any party, is vindicated," Stefanou said. 

He further noted that the candidacy of Andreas Mavroyiannis "unites and creates hope for Cyprus and our people" and referring to the Cyprus issue he said that Mavroyiannis "with his vast experience and international connections, has the potential to prevent the danger of the final division and to place our country higher."

President of Democratic Party (DIKO), Nicholas Papadopoulos, who backs Christodoulides' candidacy, expressed satisfaction with Christodoulides' victory saying that his proposal for unity as well as his determination to form a government of national unity, was applauded by the majority of the voters.

Today there are no winners and losers, he said, adding that they will work for a strong economy, fiscal stability, social cohesion, commitment to Cyprus' European role and for a functional and sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem.

We will build on all that with the person who has proven to be able to unite the Cypriot people to the maximum extent possible, and that person is Nikos Christodoulides, he concluded.

President of Social Democratic EDEK party, Marinos Sizopoulos, whose party also supports Christodoulides' candidacy, noted that at a time when our "homeland is threatened by Turkey's expansionist policy and our citizens continue to face the serious consequences of the economic crisis that began in 2010, we must with moderation and above all with unity and constructive synergy continue the effort to protect our homeland and support the vulnerable groups of the population in the context of a human-centered government policy."

He called on voters to put aside what divides them and build unity for the future, saying that Nikos Christodoulides is the choice for this path.

Marios Garoyian, leader of Democratic Alignment party (DEPA), that supports Christodoulides, said that there should be unity of forces and that neither conflicts, nor divisions, nor confrontations should separate us.

He noted that this is the only path that we can take so that our people and our country can survive. Garoyian said that Christodoulides from the very beginning had expressed this position, which was embraced by a strong majority of the people.