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President calls on party leaders to support modernisation of the state

04/12/2019 11:05

Cyprus President, Nicos Anastasiades, has called on political party leaders to show, in a climate of consensus, the necessary determination for the implementation of a series of reforms that would modernize the state to the benefit of the citizens.
«Our primary concern remains the implementation of additional wide-ranging reform actions, with a view to further enhancing our economy’s productivity and competitiveness, to strengthen our country’s attractiveness as a regional investment hub and to render the country as an international business centre,” Anastasiades said, addressing the annual meeting of the Cyprus Association of Large Investments.
In a speech read out by the Undersecretary to the President, Vasilis Palmas, Anastasiades referred to the bills for the reform of the public service and tackling red tape, the reform of the local governments, the further upgrading of Cyprus’ tourist product, the implementation of a new streamlined large projects licensing, the development of the investment funds sector, adopting modern technologies and applications, the reform of the Central Bank governance, the strengthening of the Securities Commission, the establishment of the Insurance and Provident Fund Supervision and the promotion of innovation.
Stressing that the positive results from the implementation of other reforms are well known, Anastasiades said “therefore I would like to call on once more, the political party leaders, through a climate of consensus, to show the necessary determination so that we would collectively achieve the modernisation of the state above all to the benefit of the citizens.”
Furthermore, the President said that large scale investment brought about added benefits with a multiplying effect on the economy.
These benefits, he said, are directly connected with the reduction of unemployment, the rejuvenation of the sectors of construction and tourism, the inflow of tax and other income as well as the attraction of new investments of added value.