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Christofias withdrew - Did not testify

22/08/2013 10:11
The testimony of Demetris Christofias before the inquiry committee ended ingloriously, as former President of the Republic withdrew, questioning the whole process.

Chairman, Giorgos Pikis was strongly criticized for partiality and obviously annoyed gave Mr. Christofias time to consult with his colleagues twice.

After the first break, Mr. Christofias insisted to submit his positions in writing and threatened again to withdraw when the committee denied.

After about an hour waiting around 12pm, Mr. Christofias informed via MP Aristos Damianou that he left and that he will give a press conference.

At 13:30, an interim decision of the three-member committee for Mr. Christofias’ withdrawal is expected.

The dialogue between the former President and the committee chairman Giorgos Pikis highlights the tension in the conference center today.

"I stand by my testimony. Before President Anastasiades presents himself before the committee, I will give written answers”, Mr. Christofias said.

"Questions will be inquisitorial in nature. Otherwise you have to answer to any question”, Mr. Pikis said.

"You are recognized judges. The witness has the right to testify verbally or in writing, "said Mr. Christofias and Mr. Pikis responded that the" it is not the process in the committee”.

"I will testify in writing”, he insisted.

“Answer the questions we will submit. Do you know the questions? ", Mr. Pikis wondered.

"Do you know what my report says? I will hear the questions and I will respond in writing. I asked for the minutes of the committee and you refused to give them to me. You refuse to read the text I have prepared. I want to read the document Mr. Pikis "he said.

"Are you ready to answer our questions," asked the judge.

"I'm not ready. I'm not any witnesses. I feel that I am treated as a defendant. So I feel. I was accused of this step that I am guilty”, Mr. Christofias said.

We will not apply for criminal liability. I ask. Are you ready to move forward with our questions and answer them?”, Mr. Pikis reiterated.

“Give me the questions in writing," former President said.

"Your attitude is insulting. You refuse to answer. This will be recorded in the minutes, "Mr. Pikis said.

"I withdraw," former President said.

"We'll take a break and we’ll come back," said Mr. Pikis.

Earlier, Mr. Christofias threatened to withdraw when the committee refused to read the text had prepared.

"Your refusal to testify is an irregularity. If you wish postponement, we shall give it to you. You must not say you do not want to testify, "said the chairman, Judge George Pikis.

The committee rejected a similar request from other people who testified before the committee.

"The procedure established by the Committee will not change. If you withdraw, it is misconduct. We will make a short break and think about what you will do, "said Mr. Pikis.

At 10:16 the meeting was interrupted so that Mr. Christofias consults with his colleagues.

The chairman warned again Mr. Christofias that his refusal to testify is an irregularity.

With the initiation of the procedure, Mr. Christofias was asked by the committee about his attitude towards the EU membership.

"Mr. Pikis you violate the ethics," he said.

"I have been called to appear before the Committee today, President Anastasiades on August 27 and you put former Governor Athanasios Orphanides in the middle. This is unethical, "said Mr. Christofias and threatened to leave.

At the start of the procedure, the room was packed. Mr. Christofias refused to swear citing the Cyprus constitution that our state is secular.

Senior executives of AKEL, the SG of the party Andros Kyprianou and former ministers of his governance were present.