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No talks on EAC privatization

12/11/2012 15:25
“There was no question of privatization of EAC”, General Manager of the Authority, Stelios Stylianou said, stressing that the troika’s technocrats will stay in Cyprus until all issues are solved.

Mr. Stylianou met with troika at the Finance Ministry to discuss energy issues.

“We informed the representatives of troika on EAC’s condition regarding the repair of damages in Vassiliko, its development program, the use of natural gas for future plants”, he said after the end of the meeting.

“We did not discuss privatizations at all”, he added.

“We, as EAC, said that our system is small and isolated and any future changes or modifications should take seriously into account the small size of the system and the need to have a confidence in the supply of electricity to our consumers”.

“Troika’s technocrats wanted to be briefed about the progress of the rehabilitation of the units after the explosion at Mari. We were given a detailed report on the subject, when the units for gas use will be ready”.

He clarified that the technocrats were not interested in the cost of damage from the Mari explosion.

Responding to a question, Mr. Stylianou said that troika will stay in Cyprus until all issues are resolved.

DEFA Chairman, Costas Ioannou said that the technocrats wanted information about the natural gas, its exploitation, its import and tariffs for evaluation.

“I hope they are convinced that a serious effort is being made and there are very good prospects for the country from the use of natural gas, both for electricity and other purposes”, he said.

“Troika is not interested in numbers only but also in the details, procedures and models that will be used”, Mr. Ioannou noted.