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Vassiliou-Christodoulou: Dispute on the Annan plan

30/05/2003 12:10
The statements of the President of the United Democrats, Giorgos Vassiliou on the economic aspects of the Annan plan have raised concerns to the CB Governor, Christodoulos Christodoulou.

Mr. Christodoulou accused Mr. Vassiliou for undermining the importance of the issue, when the latter described Mr. Christodoulou’s statements as “contradictory”. “There is neither contradiction nor inconsistency in my positions. I believe that the adoption of the Annan plan as it is will have dramatic impacts on the Cyprus economy”, Mr. Christodoulou said.

Mr. Vassiliou on the other hand insisted that the Governor’s statements that the impacts of the Annan plan on the Cyprus economy will be negative, but “no study has been carried out on its economic aspects” are contradictory.

“As regards to my view on the UN peace plan, the Cyprus citizens are well aware that I have always acted in a professional way. I strongly believe that there is a need for a complete and thorough study of the Annan plan to asses the impacts on the island’s economy”, the CB Governor said.