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My door will always be open, new Minister of Justice says

30/06/2020 09:18

The new Minister of Justice and Public Order, Emily Yiolitis has taken up her duties assuring that "my door will always be open".

Emily Yiolitis is the second woman appointed to this post since the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, and the 24th Minister of the Justice and Public Order.

She assured that she would do everything in her power to rise to the trust showed to her by the President of the Republic.
Speaking during the handover ceremony, Yiolitis said that her primary goal is the effective and timely completion of the program announced by the President of the Republic, "so that his contract with the people has a substantial impact and does not impinge on pitfalls, difficulties and bureaucracy".
She thanked her predecessor Minister Giorgos Savvides, who takes up the post of Attorney General, for the work he has done noting that she looks forward to working closely with him as well as with the Chief of Police, the Director of Prisons, the Director of the State Archives and the Director of the Fire Department.
She also expressed certainty that all Departments of the Ministry would stand by her.
The new Minister expressed her heartfelt joy at being given the opportunity to serve the supreme good of Justice from the honorary position of Minister, warmly thanking the President of the Republic for his trust in her. "I will do everything I can to rise to this trust," she said.
The former Minister George Savvides in his speech took stock of the work done during his term of office at the Ministry, making particular mention of the justice reform.