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New Minister of Justice and Public Order sworn-in

31/05/2019 17:00

Georgios Savvides, the new Minister of Justice and Public Order, vowed he will work to seek consensus of all stake holders to complete the reform of the justice system.

Savvides was sworn in today, succeeding Ionas Nicolaou who resigned following the revelations that five missing women and two children cases, eventually turned out to be murders, the work of a serial killer.
Speaking during the swearing in ceremony at the Presidential Palace, President Anastasiades said he has no doubt that Savvides will respond to “the admittedly difficult task and will prove worthy of the expectations associated with his appointment.”
Anastasiades said that Savvides’ 35-year work experience, his excellent scientific qualifications, his honesty and integrity provide the guarantees of an equally successful course in a Ministry which aims to constant improvement of the justice system, security and protection of the citizens’ rights and the reform in the Police Force and Fire Service as well as the Prison Department.
The President also said he has no doubt that in performing his duties Savvides will be strict in observing the principles of transparency, good management, political ethos and meritocracy on all levels of the departments under his Ministry.
Anastasiades praised Savvides’ successor’s work in promoting reforms in the justice system.
On his part, Savvides said he assumes the new post with full knowledge of the responsibilities of his duty, while he praised the work of the predecessor.
“I am aware that the problems my Ministry has to handle are difficult, complex and highly important especially those concerning the citizens security,” he said, noting that the biggest challenge concerns the completion of the reform in the justice system and the promotion of the other reform action initiated by Nicolaou.
He added that he will work to obtain the trust and support of the political parties, the judiciary, the Attorney-General, the Cyprus Bar Association and other stake holders seeking the broadest possible consensus necessary to promote the needed laws and achieve the necessary solutions.
“I am fully aware that Ministers come and go. What is important for me is to contribute in a way that you could depart with a clear consciousness that you did your duty, leaving behind a significant work and a good image,” he concluded.