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Politicians and citizens signed the book of condolences for the loss of Zeta Emilianides

10/06/2022 07:42

Countless people, from simple citizens to state officials and international diplomats, arrived today at the Ministry of Labor to sign the book of condolences that opened following the death of the Minister of Labor, Zeta Emilianides, who passed away on Monday evening in Athens, where she was hospitalized since May 15.

The President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades, arrived early in the morning to sign the book, along with the entire Cabinet, in a truly charged atmosphere. The House President followed soon after, equally moved and saddened, to pay her regards to the late Minister by signing the book, where she wrote that Zeta Emilianides was “a role model of dignity, selflessness, professionalism and competency”.

A long line of people was formed at the entrance of the Ministry, where the signing took place, which included current and former officials, members of the parliament, heads and representatives of political parties, heads and representatives of organizations and associations, employees of the Ministry of Labor and other associates of Zeta Emiliannides, as well as everyday people.

Among those who signed the book were the Attorney General of the Republic, the Chief of the Police, Commissioners, as well as a large number of foreign Ambassadors and representatives in Cyprus. Delegations of political parties, such as DISY, AKEL, EDEK, DIPA, also signed the book. The turnout for the signing of the book was such, that many people decided to leave and return the next day.

The representatives of several Organizations that have worked closely with the late Minister where among those who praised her valuable role in matters of labor and welfare for the past nine years. Some of the Organizations that attended the signing today through their representatives, were the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, trade unions PASYDY, SEK, PEO, the Organization of 5-member families, the Organization of War Invalids and many more.

The book of condolences, which opened yesterday at noon, will be open again Thursday between 8 am – 3 pm.