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Cyprus to relaunch “more flexible” tender over a maritime connection with Greece

01/11/2021 09:59

The Cyprus Deputy Ministry for Shipping issued a pre-tender document on Friday with a view to attract suggestions to be evaluated in view of an expected new tender launch in the end of November over a maritime connection with Greece.

The Ministry said the intention to launch a new European tender will provide time to interested economic operators to submit suggestions by November 12. The first tender that ended in January 2021 failed to meet any binding offers despite a state aid of €5 million annually. The Deputy Ministry aims to receive any suggestions which will be taken into account in the final formulation of a revised tender.

Speaking to CNA Deputy Minister, Vassilis Demetriades said that the document and the terms provide for more flexibility. In addition to the state subsidy for the maritime connection, the tender provides for €500,000 in subsidies per annum to accommodate possible adjustment in maritime fuel price, while the basic port of Greece will be Piraeus.

He also noted that the maritime line is seasonal starting from April or May until September or October.

“On behalf of the government and the Deputy Ministry, we’ve done everything possible and this is a sign that we would like to heed the operators and I believe we will present a (tender) document that will have maximum flexibility according to the EU rules,” he said.

Demetriades added that the document is expected to be launched in the end of November until the end of January 2022, while he noted that he intends to present the tender documents to operators in Greece and Cyprus.