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Ferry link between Cyprus and Greece resumes after 21 years on Sunday

20/06/2022 07:15

The relaunch on Sunday of the ferry link between Cyprus and Greece 21 years after it was interrupted, is recorded as an historic event, with Cyprus’ Deputy Minister of Shipping, Vassilios Demetriades, expressing his satisfaction for the services available to passengers.

The M/V Daleela, is to depart the Limassol Port at around noon Sunday, for Piraeus, with 173 passengers, including Demetriades, Deputy Minister for Tourism, Savvas Perdios, the Mayor of Limassol, Nicos Nicolaides, MPs, journalists and members of the team that worked for the establishment of the ferry link between the two countries.

A ceremony was set to take place at the Limassol Port, prior to the ship’s departure, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades, while a welcoming ceremony, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Greece, Sofia Zacharaki, will take place on Monday evening upon the vessel’s arrival at the port of Piraeus.

After 21 years since the last voyage, which took place on October 8, 2001 with the Salamis Star ship, the ferry link between the two countries is becoming a reality today. This is mainly due to the intensive and persistent efforts by the Deputy Ministry of Shipping and the Demetriades himself, who managed to secure better terms from Brussels, after the failure of the first tender competition.

"The efforts and hard work of the Deputy Ministry, of my associates, the effort made by the Government has borne fruit,” Demetriades told CNA. “Finally, we are able to the citizens to offer, what we had promised, as regards an alternative mode of connectivity,” he added.

Demetriades expressed his satisfaction with the response of the public, as bookings have exceeded expectations and noted that the priority for his Deputy Ministry was passengers’ safety. He said the ship was inspected twice, and that it complies with the safety standards provided in international and European regulations.

He also noted that, given the response of passengers from Greece to use the service, "another goal is being fulfilled, which is to give a boost to maritime tourism and possibly, this service will create the conditions for its further growth.”