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Motor vehicle sales plunge in April due to lockdown measures

08/05/2020 15:57

Total motor vehicle sales plunged by 81% in Cyprus with new vehicle registration severely affected by the lockdown measures and suspension of business operation to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

With lockdown measures in place since mid-March, car sales declined by an annual 36% in March.
According to data released on Friday by Cystat, In April 2020 the total registrations of motor vehicles numbered 827, compared with 4,442 in April 2019.
Passenger saloon cars sales, which consist the majority of vehicle registrations fell by 83.3% to 615 compared with 3,673 in April 2019.
For the period of January – April 2020 total vehicle sales declined by 29.1% to 10,873 from 15,342 in January-April 2019.
Passenger saloon cars decreased to 8,719, from 12,629 in January-April 2019, recording a reduction of 31%.
Of the total passenger saloon cars, 3,231 or 37.1% were new and 5,488 or 62.9% were used cars.
Commercial vehicles decreased by 20.5% to 1,388 in January-April 2020, compared to 1,747 in January-April 2019. In particular, light goods vehicles decreased by 19.0% to 1,221, heavy goods vehicles by 28.9% to 123 and road tractors (units of trailers) by 34.3% to 44, Cystat said.
Scooter sales recorded a decrease of 69.7% to 30 in the first four months of 2020, compared to 99 in the corresponding period of the previous year, whereas motorcycles sales declined to 620 in January-April 2020, compared to 665 in January-April 2019, recording a fall of 6.8%.