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CAIR – Olympic Air agreement

22/03/2011 13:24
An agreement for wide-ranging cooperation between Cyprus Airways and Olympic Air has been signed by the Olympic Air Executive Chairman Mr. Yiannis Karakadas and the Cyprus Airways Executive Chairman Mr. George Mavrokostas. The agreement lays the foundations for the strengthening of the presence of the two airlines in the wider region of Southeastern Europe.

According to the announcement, the agreement which was signed in Nicosia opens up new horizons for the two companies, offering important advantages to travelers. It envisages the carrying out of code sharing direct scheduled flights of Cyprus Airways and Olympic Air (domestic and international). Cooperation between the two companies will start on 27 March with code shared flights to and from Larnaka and Pafos as well as Athens, Rhodes, Herakleion and Thessaloniki.

As from 15 April it will be expanded to cover most domestic and international destinations, of Olympic Airways as well as flights of Cyprus Airways.

Travelers will now have a much greater range of choices for trips, with cheaper air-fares to dozens of Greek islands and cities as well as the other European destinations that the two companies fly to. The passengers of each company will collect points from the Sunmiles frequent flyers’ programmes of Cyprus Airways and the Travelair Club of Olympic Air for the entire itinerary up to their final destination, regardless of whether one leg of the trip involves one company or the other. At the same time they will have the opportunity to redeem the points they collected in both companies, winning more free trips. Details will be announced at a later date.

Cooperation between the two airlines covers other sectors as well, such as the provision of ground services at the airports of Cyprus and Greece, the joint use of VIP lounges in the airports of the two countries and the exploration of all options for the utilization of the infrastructures the two airlines have at the airports.

Cyprus Airways Executive Chairman Mr. George Mavrokostas said: “I am pleased that this common effort has born fruit and I am sure that a new era is dawning in the relations between Cyprus Airways and Olympic Air, with a promising future for both organisations. The prospects of the new cooperation lead to a stronger presence of the two companies in the wider region of Southeastern Europe during a very difficult period for international air transport, offering important benefits and advantages to the traveling public.

On his part, Olympic Air Executive Chairman Mr Yiannis Karakadas made the following statement: “Our common origins and the high standard of passenger service which characterize both Cyprus Airways and Olympic Air will receive a big boost as a result of this agreement, creating an even larger network for our passengers who will benefit from the common vision of excellence in the services we provide. Today Cyprus Airways and Olympic Air are laying the foundations for cooperation with excellent prospects of further expansion.