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Creation of facilities in Cypriot motorways

22/06/2022 09:05

The Cabinet approved on Tuesday the creation of public sanitary spaces and recharge stations in Cypriot motorways, according to a written statement by Deputy Government Spokesperson, Niovi Parisinou.

The creation of public sanitary spaces, recharge stations and other facilities in the motorway network is estimated to have multiple advantages, with the main one being meeting the real needs of users and vehicles that move in the road network, Parisinou says.

She adds that the public toilets, recharge stations and other facilities that will be selected, should provide services on a 24-hour basis. Facilities will include sanitary facilities (men, women, disabled), as well as infrastructure by way of a small café / kiosk and charging points for electric vehicles. The services of sanitary facilities will be offered free of charge.

Any other services decided to be offered (e.g. cafeteria) will not be provided free of charge, with the aim of covering the revenue as part of the operating costs and / or the initial investment, the written statement concludes.