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Licensing of CAIR trademarks ongoing

05/07/2016 15:26
The licensing of Cyprus`s defunct air carrier`s, Cyprus Airways, trademarks is ongoing, Privatisation Commissioner Constantinos Herodotou has said.

“Licensing of CA trademarks: process to appoint a proffered bidder is ongoing. Results will be announced in due course by Privatisation Unit,” Herodotou said in a post on twitter.

According to a report by “O Phileleftheros” daily, Russian airlines S7 and Greek Aegean Airlines have submitted offers in the context of the tender.

The Selection Committee will evaluate the documents and then submit its decision to the Privatisations Commissioner, who in turn will nominate the proffered bidder to the competent Ministerial Committee. When the Committee gives the green light, the preferred bidder will be announced.