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More than 7,500 people repatriated to Cyprus in less than two months

18/05/2020 14:21

More than 7,500 people were repatriated to Cyprus in less than two months, Cyprus Foreign Ministry Spokesman Demetris Samuel says.

In a message posted on twitter, Samuel refers to a flight from Frankfurt, which was expected to land at Larnaca airport in the early hours of Monday. He says that once the plane lands, the number of people repatriated to Cyprus – under the particular conditions prevailing – will surpass 7,500 in less than two months.

Last Saturday, another repatriation flight took off from Domodedovo airport, Moscow, bringing back 122 Cypriots and other legal residents in the Republic of Cyprus.

The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus to Russia notes in a message, posted on social media, that so far, 264 people have been repatriated as a result of the coordinated efforts of the Embassy and the General Consulates of the Republic of Cyprus in the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus and the Crisis Management Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.