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Commercial flights drop by 14%

12/08/2022 13:14

Commercial flights in the European Union decreased by 15% in July 2022 compared with July 2019, that is the summer before the pandemic, according to data released by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU.

In Cyprus, flights during July 2022 had decreased by 14% compared to July 2019, which was slightly below the EU average.

In absolute numbers, a total of 595,965 flights were recorded in all of the EU and 7,626 flights in Cyprus during July 2022.

The only country where there was an increase of commercial flights compared to the summer before the pandemic was Greece. A total of 70,071 flights were recorded in July in absolute numbers, which marks a 7% increase compared to July 2019.

Flights decreased most in Slovenia, by 42% compared with July 2019 (1,612 flights in July in absolute numbers).

Most flights in July 2022 were recorded in Spain (156,199 flights, a decrease of 7,3% compared to July 2019), Germany (135,256, a 24,2% decrease), France (123,323, a 11,8% decrease) and Italy (118,825, a 9,5% decrease). Greece follows in fifth place.