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Criminality hits tourism

22/06/2011 13:25
Criminality hits tourism, STEK said in its announcement after the arrest of ten persons in Ayia Napa.

According to the announcement, those phenomena that hit the tourism in the country and affect the best interests of the tourist Cyprus must be suppressed immediately and radically and there is an acute need to take action so that they are prevented on time.

“The Association believes that in a period that tourism deals with significant challenges, phenomena such as the increase in criminality as well as the noise and the traffic offences in the tourist areas undermine the efforts for the promotion of Cyprus as a safe and quality tourist destination”, it added.

“We expect by the Police and the state in general to be as vigilant as it gets to eliminate crime and to take all necessary precautionary measures so as to restore the feeling of security among the citizens and the foreign tourists that visit the island every year”, it concluded.