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Deputy Ministry expects a 20% reduction in the tourist flow from Germany

21/06/2019 16:12

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism expects a 20% reduction in the tourist flow from the German market in 2019, after recent Deputy Minister’s contacts in Germany and Austria.

According to a press release of the Deputy Ministry, Savvas Perdios held contacts with senior officials from the major tourist agencies and airlines of the two countries. The contacts confirmed that a decline of around 20% in tourists` flow from Germany would be recorded in 2019.

However, as the Deputy Ministry points out,  it appears that this  year`s downturn is due to a reduction in available airline positions, after to the suspension in the operations of a small number of airlines that have been transporting tourists to various countries, including Cyprus, and not due to the reduction of the interest of the Germans to visit Cyprus.

On the contrary, as it is noted “demand is still high, so tour operators and airlines are already in the process to decide on the number of seats they will make available for Cyprus in 2020. Final decisions are expected to be taken towards the end of this year Summer”.

According to the Deputy Ministry the Germans and the Austrians are very satisfied with the product, services and hospitality provided to them in Cyprus, despite the fact that the cost is slightly higher than in neighboring destinations.

Finally, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism says it will continue to be in constant consultation with the travel agents and the airlines, with the aim of achieving the best result for Cyprus’ tourism.