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PASYXE Director General: Tourism trend evident from next June

08/02/2021 09:56

The tourism trend in Cyprus will be evident from June onwards and will also depend on the pandemic and epidemiological developments, Director General of Cyprus Hotels Association Filokypros Rousounides has told CNA.

In statements to the Cyprus News Agency, on Friday, Rousounides also said that the country`s main concern is to keep our commitment regarding the approach followed in the categorisation of 56 countries from March 1. This is important, he said, because any deviation from the announcements made will show an instability and will prolong the uncertainty that already exists in the industry.

This will make tourism partners look for other competitive markets in the surrounding region such as Greece, Turkey and Egypt, he added.

Asked about the messages they receive from tour operators regarding tourist arrivals this year, Rousounides said that despite the current situation with the pandemic, the messages they receive are positive. “There is a demand and a desire to bring people to our country. However, this cannot be realised into actual bookings and that is why we say that the categorisation framework announced is a very important pillar, perhaps the most important," he added.