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Reduced bookings from GB for 2002

15/04/2002 10:35
Addressing the conference of the Greek-Cypriot Tour Operators of Great Britain which took place in Ayia Napa, Minister of Trade, Industry & Tourism Nicos Rolandis noted that 2001 had been a good year for tourism for Cyprus, with income from this source increased by 7%. Around 2.7 million tourists visited the island, 50% of which were from the Great Britain.

Mr. Rolandis underlined that events in the US of the 11 September are expected to have an effect on tourism for the current year. According to figures from the United Kingdom, bookings appear to be down by between 30%-40%. This drop however is expected to be counteracted to a degree by increased bookings from Russia, Ireland and other Balkan countries.

Mr. Rolandis highlighted the importance the government places on the promotion of tourism and stated that CYP 26 million will be made available for the promotion of the tourist industry through the government’s 10-point strategic plan.