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Residents travelling abroad drop by 80.3%

19/10/2020 14:23

A total number of 26,111 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad in September 2020, compared to 132,409 in the corresponding month last year, recording a decrease of 80.3%.

According to the Cyprus Statistical Service, the main countries from which the residents of Cyprus returned in September 2020, were Greece, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Bulgaria.

Compared to September 2019, the returns of residents from Greece decreased by 79.1%, returns from the United Kingdom decreased by 73.0%, from Germany by 66.4%, from Russia by 90.0% and from Bulgaria by 88.1%.

The statistics for September 2020 were obtained from processing of the data of the electronic platform “Cyprus Flight Pass”. Due to issues that arose from the self-declared information provided by the passengers, it was not possible to provide a more extensive analysis, the Statistical Service says.