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Τourism Deputy Minister vows to promote special forms of tourism for Nicosia

27/03/2023 09:42

Nicosia, Cyprus’s capital has been traditionally been neglected in terms of tourist visits, Deputy Minister for Tourism Costas Koumis has said, vowing to work to promote special forms of tourism for the capital but noted the task will not be easy.

Koumis on Friday continued his contacts with tourist boards and local authorities of the various districts meeting the Nicosia Tourist Board with whom he discussed issues concerning tourism in Nicosia.

“My view is that Nicosia has been traditionally neglected in terms of tourism,” Koumis said after the meeting, noting that traditionally there has been a moderate connection of the capital with the coastal cities which attract the large volumes of tourists.

“We must support the capital of our country but the project is not easy,” he added, noting it is necessary to work on special forms of tourism.

He said that some special forms of tourism look promising for Nicosia, but he pointed out that he will discuss them with the tourist industry to see whether they can be promoted.