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Tourism sees hope in 90 weekly arrivals from alternative markets

13/04/2022 09:17

Cyprus is expecting 90 weekly arrivals from alternative tourism markets, as a result of the policies put forward by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism for a sustainable and resilient tourism industry, Deputy Minister, Savvas Perdios said on Tuesday, during a round table discussion at the 12th Economic Forum, in Nicosia.

Perdios spoke about tourism policies which aim at economic, social and environmental sustainability, and stressed efforts to differentiate Cyprus' image from that of the Greek islands, which are mostly known as summer destinations. “Cyprus does not want to be Greece”, he said, as he explained the need to promote Cyprus as a year-round destination, with authentic experiences, rich culture and history, as well as interesting activities in touch with nature.

He also mentioned that a strategic goal is to spread the benefits from the tourism industry throughout the entire country, not just the seaside areas, as Cyprus can no longer be considered as a destination solely for its sunshine and its coastline.

Perdios also said that another goal is to increase the expenditure per capita by each visitor, by offering a larger variety of options, that will also encourage tourists to stay longer in Cyprus. He explained that, following the pandemic, people have turned to slow tourism and there was a shift in the type of tourists in general, with visitors asking to be in touch with the local community, to enjoy authentic experiences and enjoy the natural environment.

The measures that provide support to remote communities, offer incentives in relation to alternative tourism and create local labels for products, sites and experiences, said the Deputy Minister. As a result, he went on, this year there are 40 weekly flights from Germany, 20 from France and 30 from the Scandinavian countries. Competent authorities hope that flights from destinations, such as these, will cover the gap created in Cyprus' traditional markets due to the war in Ukraine and will support a sustainable future for the local industry.